Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inside Kinnick Stadium

So, as a supplement to my report, here is a bit of information, visually I might add, about premium seating at the University of Iowa.I hope some of it sparks questions, and some jaws on the floor...

And, here is the narration to the photographs. I apolgize for not captions with the pictures, but technology is what it is.

Picture 1: Seats in the indoor club at Kinnick. Hard to beat not freezing during games with cold temperatures. Each of these seats is a $4,700 per year donation

Picture 2: Seating in the Outdoor club seats at Kinnick. For $1,700 a seat, they can be yours, provided you are not on the waiting list. These seats are the most popular out of all of Kinnick's premiun seating options, mostly because of the price points, according to UI premium seat director Jess Rickertsen.

Picture 3: The Indoor Club Lounge at Kinnick Stadium. Club seating is becoming more and more popular at sporting venues across the country.

Picture 4: Concession stands inside premium seating areas have expanded concessions, as well as alcohol sales, something not seen in general admission at college sports venues.

Picture 5:
The UI President has a suite in Kinnick, which she uses to represent the University. Just like a business, President Mason uses her box every game to entertain dignitaries, or to recruit new doctors to the UI Hospitals.

Picture 6: While her suite is the largest, Suites in Kinnick require $45,000 per year for a 12-person suite, all the way to $53,000 for an 18-person suite.

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